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All Texas attorneys who represent guardians or proposed wards (incapacitated persons or minors in guardianship proceedings) must have specific guardianship training and be listed as a certified guardian/attorney ad litem with their county and the State of Texas. Adrianne has received such certification and training and frequently serves as the Attorney Ad Litem or Guardian Ad Litem on guardianship cases.

Adrianne also frequently helps families set up guardianships for disabled loved ones or minor children. A guardianship of the person or estate may be necessary to help make medical and financial decisions for a disabled individual. A management trust or guardianship of the estate may also be needed when a minor child inherits assets from a loved one.

In the case of a minor child, the guardianship may last until age 18. In the case of a management trust, a trustee may be able to manage the assets on behalf of the child until age 21.

When a spouse becomes incapacitated, Adrianne can also assist in maneuvering through a community administration to assist with funds or assets held as community property.

Adrianne can counsel families about the pros and cons of each guardianship approach and help navigate through the legal process.

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