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Areas Of Practice

26 Years Experience

Adrianne Knebel Vincik helps families with the following throughout Austin, Washington & Waller counties in Texas: Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning, Probate, Wills, Trusts, and Guardianships.

Areas Of Practice

Elder Law Practice and Medicaid Planning

Adrianne assists families in preserving the assets they have and planning for long-term care. Whether your family is planning for the possibility of long-term care in the future, or whether your loved one needs long-term care now, Adrianne can help find solutions for your family to preserve those hard-earned assets and save for years to come. . . . learn more »


Adrianne assists families with preserving their assets in the case of incapacity and developing a plan for distributing those assets after death. Adrianne works with families to sort through issues and find solutions to multigenerational planning. . . . learn more »


All Texas attorneys who represent guardians or proposed wards (incapacitated persons or minors in guardianship proceedings) must have specific guardianship training and be listed as a certified guardian/attorney ad litem with their county and the State of Texas. Adrianne has received such certification and training and frequently serves as the Attorney Ad Litem or Guardian Ad Litem on guardianship cases. . . . learn more »


Adrianne often helps families probate the Wills of loved ones and represents Executors/Administrators and beneficiaries to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are carried out. Adrianne will work through family strife, if necessary, to settle estates and get the resolution you deserve. . . . learn more »


Client Testimonial
Devin H.

Adrianne Vincik was referred by the staff at the courthouse and it was a great recommendation. She is courteous and accessible, which is a rarity for an attorney. She has assisted me in a Guardianship for several years and I have no complaints whatsoever."

Tyler R.

Adrianne has helped me my family prepare for the future and given us great legal counsel. She is always there when I need her for my personal and professional life. I have complete trust and confidence in her no matter the situation."

Barbara S.

Mrs. Vincik is a great attorney. She has a calm and emphatic demeanor which was very important when visiting with her. She completed all requests and was responsive in questions asked later. I recommend Mrs. Vincik without reservation!"

Suzanne F.

Adrianne has been a lifelong friend and someone I knew I could trust with our long term planning and estate documents. She helped guide us through our initial Will planning, and then again with our re-write several years (and a child) later. She’s professional, thorough, and understanding throughout the entire process!"

Eileen S.

Adrianne Vincik has helped me with all of the legal issues following the death of a family member. She has been a blessing to me and I can't thank her enough for all she has done. I highly recommend her."


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